Zafod, Creator of the Music TaxiIssac, Zafod's Number One Son & First Driver, 1988Winter Olympics Park City, Utah, 2002Was that Bill Clinton who played the Music Taxi on his State Visit in 1999?Lit with Chirstmas lights, January 1998Lit with Christmas lights, January, 1998Lit with Christmas lights, January, 1998


In addition to our regular taxis, Music Taxi operates several vans with 
full sound systems and karaoke.

Our vans rock with music unto the wee hours of the morning, taking you to all Park City or Salt Lake destinations.  Equipped with a sound system & microphone, you'll sing along with your favorite songs and party on.


The taxi ride was better than 
the club I was just in!

That was the best taxi ride I ever had!

The best part of the night is *definitely* the
taxi ride home!

*Who* is that handsome devil in 
the driver's seat?