Zafod, Creator of the Music TaxiIssac, Zafod's Number One Son & First Driver, 1988Winter Olympics Park City, Utah, 2002Was that Bill Clinton who played the Music Taxi on his State Visit in 1999?Lit with Chirstmas lights, January 1998Lit with Christmas lights, January, 1998Lit with Christmas lights, January, 1998
Who Dreamed up this idea?

Zafod Beatlebrox* is a performance artist and metal sculptor who has a personal vendetta against boredom.  One night in "Taxiland" he looked around and thought, "There's gotta be something better than this."  He put a string of Christmas lights in the van, and that night passengers broke into spontaneous song.

Soon he pushed the envelope futher and hired live musicians.  As they crusied  Main Street, couple after couple jumped on board.  Pretty soon there was a party of perfect strangers belting out tunes.  At the end of the ride, nobody wanted to get out.  The Music Taxi was born.

*Zay-FAHD is a common intergalactic name.